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  • Rigid Paper Box

    CHINA BBP CO., LTD is A Good China gift box and rigid paper box manufacturer, supplying the various custom gift boxes, gift paper boxes, cardboard gift boxes, paper presentation boxes, paper set-up boxes with spot UV, embossing, debossing, foil stamping, soft touch coating and laminating.

    Lift-off Lid Rigid Box

    Also referred to as telescope box, detachable lid box, the lift off lid rigid box has a separate top lid covering the bottom base fully or partially. The top lid can be easily lift off the base tray. The rigid shoulder box and neck box are 2 kinds of special lift off lid boxes.

    lift off lid rigid paper box, cardboard gift box
    Lift Off Lid Rigid Box
    detachable lid rigid neck box, cardboard gift box
    Rigid Shoulder Box
    detachable lid rigid cardboard box, cardboard gift box
    Detachable Lid Rigid Box

    Hinged Lid Rigid Box

    For the hinged setup box, the wraps and chipboards of the lid extend to form the base completely or partially. The book style box is a hinged lid box with setup tray glued into 3 or 4 panel binder. The hinged lid shoulder box belongs to the hinged box too. Also there are some other common styles, like the clamshell rigid box, flip top rigid box, and some popular presentation boxes.

    clamshell rigid box, hinged lid, cardboard gift box
    Clamshell Rigid Box
    hinged lid rigid shoulder box, cardboard gift box
    Rigid Shoulder Box
    rigid presentation box, cardboard gift box
    Presentation Box

    Sliding Rigid Box and Slipcase

    The sliding rigid box is referred to as the matchbox style paper box. The box consists of 2 parts, the cardboard sleeve and the paper tray or drawer sliding into the sleeve. Also it is referred to as a drawer style box. While the cardboard slipcase is a protective container or box that has one open end so that the spine is visible. Always, it has a cardboard drawer or rigid tray to slide inside. Learn more about the slide rigid box we made for our client.

    sliding rigid box, cardboard gift box, rigid paper box
    Sliding Rigid Box
    paper sleeves and tray, gift paper box, rigid paper box
    Rigid Shoulder Box
    slide paper box, slip case, rigid paper box, paper gift box
    Cardboard Slipcase

    The sliding box in the picture below has the typical structure of a matchbox, with the opening on both size. The blue wraps outside the rigid box is made of the luxury Federigoni siri denim specialty paper, blue color with the pattern.

    sliding box, matchbox style rigid box, gift box, cardboard gift box
    Sliding Box, Matchbox Style

    Collapsible Rigid Box

    Also called foldable rigid boxes, the collapsible rigid box is the like the die-cutting paper boxes, which is flat shipped. It can significantly reduce the fees of the warehouse and sea freight. In CHINA BBP CO., LTD, we produce the various custom collapsible rigid box based on your required size and printing. Spot UV is mostly used to make the rigid box look high-end and luxury.

    collapsible cardboard box, cardboard gift box
    Collapsible Rigid Box
    foldable cardboard set up box, cardboard gift box
    Foldable Rigid Gift Box
    foldable cardboard box, cardboard gift box
    Folding Cardboard Box

    Rigid Paper Box for Display

    The rigid display box is a custom rigid paper box for the display purpose. It is usually a custom lift off lid rigid paper box. And the base has the custom design for the display purpose. Inside the base is a EVA foam insert with cutouts to hold the products inside. Learn more about this rigid display paper box.

    rigid display paper box
    Lid of Rigid Display Paper Box
    rigid paper box for display
    Base of Rigid Display Paper Box

    The custom paper box above is a typical rigid display paper box with the white EVA foam insert inside.

    Rigid Presentation Boxes

    One of the important usage of the rigid paper box is for the presentation purpose. The paper presentation box is usually quite pretty and eye-appealing with the fine details for the handcraft, paper materials, printing and finish. CHINA BBP CO., LTD makes the various custom paper presentation boxes based on requirement of the clients.

    paper presentation box, rigid paper box, cardboard gift box
    Paper Presentation Box

    The rigid presentation box above is also referred to as a clamshell style rigid box or book style rigid box. The wrapping paper has the super white color with the soft touch finish to make it very luxury. The logo on the presentation box is white foil stamped, which is very beautiful.

    Magnet|Velcro|Ribbon Closure Rigid Box

    The rigid paper boxes can have the custom closure, including the magnet closure, velcro closure and ribbon closure. The magnet closure rigid paper box has the magnet embedded inside the chipboard, while the velcro closure rigid paper box has the velcro glued on the inside of the paper box. The collapsible rigid paper box is a typical magnet closure rigid box.

    rigid paper box with ribbon closure, cardboard gift box, gift paper box
    Rigid Paper Box With Ribbon Closure
    rigid paper box with velcro closure, cardboard gift box, gift paper box
    Rigid Paper Box With Velcro Closure
    rigid paper box with magnet closure, cardboard gift box, gift paper box
    Rigid Paper Box With Magnet Closure

    ESKA Graphic Board

    As A Good China gift box supplier, all of our rigid paper boxes are made of the ESKA Graphic Board, which is the best solid board available. The Eska grey board lays flat and stays flat even when it has been processed to the end products, cardboard gift boxes or luxury packaging boxes.

    eska board rigid paper box, cardboard gift box
    ESKA Board
    foldable cardboard box, cardboard gift box
    ESKA Graphic Board
    ESKA grey board, sliding rigid paper box, cardboard gift box
    ESKA Sliding Rigid Box

    Eska board has been developed and produced for high speed production machines and shows excellent runability. It has many great quality characteristics.

    • High rigidity
    • Lays flat and stays flat
    • Even surface
    • Optimum runability
    • Easy to cut, die cut, crease, score, gouge, mill, punch, drill and emboss/deboss

    Inserts Inside the Rigid Box

    Inserts like EVA foam, molded paper pulp, thermoformed tray which is also referred to blister are placed inside the rigid setup box to hold and protect the product. Sometimes, the paperboard inserts are wrapped in textiles such as velvet, satin and linen to achieve a luxurious unique packaging experience.

    For the EVA foam insert of the rigid box, the black color and the cream white color are the most common colors.

    Below is a rigid watch box with the foam insert inside. The foam insert consists of 2 layers, 13mm EVA foam to hold the watch and its band, and the 1mm thickness cream white EVA sheet with the circular hole. On the top of the EVA foam insert is a thick cardboard covered.

    paper rigid box with eva foam insert for watch
    Rigid Paper Box With EVA Foam Insert

    For most electronics products, the the blister insert is widely used inside the rigid paper box. The blister is also referred to the thermoformed tray. The plastic materials are usually PS and PVC. The thickness can vary from 0.3mm to 0.6mm in most cases. Check the pictures below.

    blister insert inside the rigid paper box
    Rigid Paper Box With Thermoformed Tray

    Note: All the rigid boxes above are just for your reference. Your printed rigid setup boxes will be custom made based on your artwork and packaging need.

    The EVA foam can be white color, black color and grey color. But we can line a piece of paperboard on the foam surface to have the custom color and finish we want. The liner can be white color, green color, red color and any color that you like. Also you can line a fabric on the top of the foam to have a velvet touch.

    blister insert inside the rigid paper box
    Red Color EVA Foam Insert With Velvet Touch

    The cardboard tray above is the base of a gift paper box. It has the black color EVA foam insert inside. But the color of the surface is red, which comes from a piece of fabric lining on the top. It has the smooth velvet touch and feel.

    Custom Paper Boxes We Made for Our Clients

    The rigid paper boxes are widely used as gift paper boxes, jewelry paper boxes, cosmetic paper boxes, wine and beer packaging boxes, food paper boxes, retail paper boxes, garment paper boxes and electronics paper box.

    Since we are a custom paper box supplier, you can have a rigid paper box, gift paper box, cardboard gift box of the custom design, size, material with your own brand. With the free dieline template we supply, you can have a local designer to create the printing artwork. We offer a variety of options for the paper materials, printing, finish, inserts as well as the structure and size. Below are some custom gift paper boxes that we made for our clients. Just click to check our blog page to learn more about the details.

    Usage of The Rigid Paper Boxes

    As A Good China packaging boxes supplier and rigid paper box manufacturer,our gift paper boxes are widely used for the cosmetic packaging, jewelry packaging, gift packaging, clothes packaging, food packaging, retail packaging and electronic products packaging.

    Packing and Shipment

    Because the rigid paper boxes is easy to dirt and to scratch, the workers are required to wear gloves during the production to prevent any smudge problems. Meantime, each rigid paper box is placed inside a clear cellophane bag to keep it tidy and clean. With regard to the shipment, the rigid paper boxes are usually shipped assembled, unlike the flat shipment of the corrugated printed boxes and paper printed boxes. Due to the big volume when the gift paper boxes are packed in the set-up state, the sea freight is usually a little higher.

    The collapsible rigid paper box is just an exception. Thanks to its brilliant structure design, the boxes can be flat shipped and be assembled on the arrival. However, the complicated structure design entails a lot of work done by hands, which makes the price of such gift boxes quite high.

    Printing and Finish

    CMYK full color and Pantone color litho offset printing are used for the paper rigid box and cardboard gift box. In our facility, we have the powerful Heidelberg and ManRoland printing press to reproduce the most fine images and colors on the box wrapping liner.

    To add the quality and luxury feel to the rigid box, the matte laminating, embossing, foil stamping and spot UV are available in DE Printed Box to help our clients increase the brand recognition.

    Also you can choose the soft touch coating or laminating, when you need make the rigid box look luxury and high end. The soft touch coating and laminating makes the box scratch and finger prints resistant. And It adds a velvet touch feel to the box.

    Rigid Paper Box Order Details

    The common box styles include the lift-off lid rigid box, hinged lid rigid box, shoulder setup box, book style box, sliding rigid box, slipcase and the collapsible rigid box and the presentation box. Besides, DE Printed Box also supplies the custom rigid boxes based on your packaging need, like the round shape rigid box and oval shape rigid box.

    The rigid paper box with EVA foam insert is one of our most featured products. Also, you can have a custom rigid box with the thermoformed tray insert to hold secure your product inside.

    Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ): Due to the various finish that might be applied on the box, the machine setup cost for the rigid box is usually very high, 150-300USD. Also around 200USD will be normally charged by the shipping forwarder for the port related fees. Therefore, it isn't worthy for you to import the boxes from us if your order quantity is too small, because the final cost for a small order will be very high. Therefore, our minimum order quantity will be 1000 pieces if you would like to place an order.

    Production Turn-around Time: Hand work is an important part in the mass production of the rigid box. And the workers need wrap the liner paper carefully and slowly to assure the quality. Therefore, we usually needs at least 2 weeks to finish the production.

    Port: Most of our cardboard boxes are exported through the Xiamen port.

    Sample Making: The sample making usually takes around a week. The cost will be around 200-350USD.

    Payment Method: Paypal is preferred for sample making feels payment. And wire transfer (30-50% T/T) to our company bank account are preferred for the mass production. Also L/C is accepted for the big orders.

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