Rigid Paper Box With Drawer

A good package of jewelry products is supposed be more than a paper box. It needs to satisfy the various need of the retailers for protection, packing, presentation and display. The rigid paper boxes are usually well designed to have these functions all together in one box. In this article, we will talk about a custom rigid paper box for the jewelry packaging.

rigid paper box with drawer
The custom rigid paper box has the ribbon tab on the front panel with magnet closure.
Silver foil stamping on the top for the logo.

On the outside, the custom paper box has the soft touch white color on the top, bottom, front and back panel. On the left and right panel and inside of the box, it has the deep black color. The ribbon is deep blue. On the top of the box, the logo text is silver foil stamped. The package gives the customer a feeling of clean, luxury and high quality.

rigid paper box with drawer and magnet
Inside view of the gift paper box with white color EVA foam insert inside
and the white color envelope inside the drawer.

The most amazing this of this gift paper box is its double layers structure inside. For the first layer below, it is a sliding drawer to hold the envelope inside, which has the glossy silver foil for the logo text and website address on the back. For the top layer, it has the white color EVA foam insert with cutout for the jewelry paper box. And the drawer has 2 partitions inside, one for the envelop and the other for the other items.

rigid paper box with drawer
Black drawer with ribbon tab on the front for easy opening .
White color envelope with silver foil stamped logo.