Overview of Packaging Design

1. Definition of packaging

Packaging is an inseparable part of modern commodities, and it plays an important role. At present, packaging has become an important link in the market economy.

From a narrow perspective, it is using various materials to wrap the goods. In Chinese, we write the word package as in the picture below. As you can see, the fetus stays in the mother’s womb. It vividly illustrates the meaning of packaging.

In nature, walnut shells are the package of walnut kernels, and orange peels are are the package of orange flesh. In one word, packaging is everywhere at all times.

packaging design, paper printed box

However, from a broader perspective, packaging is the combining of technical and artistic means. The goal is to improve the commercial value of products. To put it differently, it is to protect, beautify and promote the product.

The packaging design entails multiple elements, such as materials, shapes, sizes, colors, printing, and visual perception. It is a comprehensive discipline. For example, the cosmetics packaging design should consider the bottle shape, size, color, material, texture. Meantime, the designer also should think over the outer custom paper box style, printing and finish.

corrugated mailer box mailing box
A corrugated printed box.

2. Packaging design characteristics

Packaging design is unique from pure art such as painting, because the designer can not express his thoughts and feelings as he wishes. He must consider the manufacturer, consumer and clients.

In fact, the package designer should combine technology and art intelligently. He needs fully use the particularity of materials and equipments. Then he can use the favorable factors and avoid the unfavorable factors. At the same time, he should have a good understanding of the designing process.

The goal of the packaging design is very clear. It must eventually face the consumer. The target is not the product itself but the person. For this reason, the package must reflect the interests and spiritual need of the consumer. Ultimately, it can guide consumers to place the order. This is the key point.

3. Importance of packaging design

The marketing economy has made packaging deeply embedded in the daily life. It fully reveals its significance.

First, it is a carrier for conveying product information. It can silently respond to all inquiries from customers. Today businesses have seen packaging from a new perspective. It changes from protection to marketing.

Second, it focuses on the consumers need in terms of psychology, as well as ease of use and storage. The package needs to suit various consumption levels.

Today, companies have tried all means to enhance its competitiveness. Accordingly, they pay a lot of attention to their paper printed boxes and packaging bottles. They try to stay ahead in the long run. No doubt, retail packaging design has become an important part of marketing decision.

Therefore, packaging design should be smart. First, a clear customer positioning is essential. Otherwise, consumers will resist the product. Second, the packaging designers should be professional and creative. Third, he should also consider environmental factors and move towards green printing and packaging.

paper printed box
A custom paper printed box for takeout food

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