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  • Varnishing and Spot UV

    In CHINA BBP CO., LTD, the glossy varnishing, matte varnishing, and spot UV varnishing are available to our custom paper boxes, printed paper boxes, cosmetic paper boxes, custom paper bags, corrugated printed boxes and rigid paper boxes, cardboard gift boxes.

    custom paper box, cosmetic paper box with spot UV
    Custom Paper Box With Spot UV
    printed paper box with spot UV
    Paper Printed Box With Spot UV

    The printed paper box above is a custom paper box with the spot UV varnishing for the line patterns, which make the package very high end and luxury.

    What is Varnishing

    A packaging varnish ia a liquid coating applied to printed box surface after the coated paperboard is litho printed.

    Above is a luxury cardboard gift box, matte red, with the high impact spot UV varnishing for the logo image. The potential customer will like it at a glance. Check the big HD pictures here.

    red color spot UV cardboard box

    Luxury Red Color Rigid Box With Spot UV for the Logo Image

    Special Advantages

    • 1. Printing ink dries faster.
    • 2. Rub resistant by preserve the ink under a protective coating. Protects the ink from rubbing off when the printed box is subjected to rough handling.
    • 3. Provides a smooth and consistent texture to the box surface with a pleasant tactile experience.

    Varnishing Types

    According to the printing surface gloss level, the varnishing is divided into 4 types, glossy varnishing, matte varnishing and satin varnishing.

    Glossy Varnishing

    With the glossy varnish, the printed box surface is smooth, shiny and glossy. In the sunshine, the surface reflects light quite efficiently. Therefore, a glossy varnished printed box usually has the very bright and lustrous color.

    matte Varnishing

    A matte varnish gives the printed box a non-glossy, smooth even surface free from shine. This matte finish on the printed box adds to the feeling of luxury. It is the most popular finish used in the luxury packaging of the cosmetics and jewelry products and etc when the seller wants to impart a luxury quality feel to the potential customers.

    high gloss varnished packaging box, glossy varnished printed box
    Paper Box With matte Finish
    matte printed packaging box with spot UV
    Paper Box With matte Varnishing

    The box on the right is a high gloss vanished printed box made of the E flute corrugated board. One the left is a CD paper paper packaging folder with the matte varnishing and spot UV. It is made of the 24pt 400GSM SBS paperboard.

    Silk or Satin Varnishing

    A satin varnish gives the printed box surface a neither high gloss or matt, but the middle ground look.

    UV Varnishing

    Also called UV coating, UV varnishing is a process for achieving a thicker and even more striking type of coating on the printed box surface. The printed color appears noticeably richer and vibrant. It also adds the benefit of the fast drying of print on the production line due to the ultra-violet drying process.

    The UV varnishing divided into 2 types, all-over UV varnishing and spot UV varnishing

    All-over UV Varnishing

    With the all-over UV varnishing, the UV inks are applied all over the printing surface. The high gloss level can rival and replace the glossy laminating. In the meantime, it provides the excellent protective qualities and a pleasant tactile experience to the printing surface.

    Spot UV Varnishing

    With the spot UV varnishing, the UV inks are only applied to the specific area of the printing surface to highlight specific texts or images, particularly the logo. The Spot UV varnishing on the brand logo is widely used for the luxury paper bags, boxes, gift boxes, cosmetic packaging boxes, jewelry boxes, and some retail packaging boxes.

    The box above is a litho laminated packaging carton for the electronic products. On the surface of the printing, the monitor is Spot UV Varnished to add a striking beauty to the printing.

    Difference Between Varnishing, AQ Coating and UV Coating

    Coating Options

    There are 3 common types of protective coating for the printed packaging boxes, varnishing, aqueous coating, and UV coating.

    Varnishes were first introduced to the printed packaging industry as they are essentially transparent inks without a pigment. They are applied as the common CMYK inks during the printing process. The finish can be glossy, matte and satin. The varnishing is typically the least expensive of all the coating options available.

    Most varnishes are VOC based, which is not eco-friendly. Another drawback of the varnishing finish is that the varnish takes a long time to dry on the printing surface.

    Aqueous Coating were developed in the late 1970s, which is also referred to as AQ coating.. Aqueous is water-based with the water content at the percentage of 30-40%. It is an environmental friendly coating, because it doesn’t cause the VOC emissions as varnish does.

    The AQ coating is dried by the infrared radiation. The advantage is that it reduces the need for powder on the printing press. It is also yellowing-resistant, which is quite common with the varnished boxes that are stored for a while. Ghosting problems also tend to be removed and it complies with environmental laws.

    Normally, aqueous is usually applied to the entire sheet as opposed to spot coating (spot UV). On the down side, aqueous often costs twice as much as varnish. And it takes more time to dry than the UV coating.

    UV Coating is by far the most popular coating options for the folding paper box, because it has the highest gloss and is rub-resistant. It starts as a clear liquid that is cured (dried) instantly with an ultraviolet light radiation. It comes in a wide range of sheens. The most common usage is the Spot UV varnishing, which is applied partially to highlight the brand logo of the company.

    Coating|Varnishing Purposes

    There are 3 purposes of the coating|varnishing finish on the surface of the printed paper box.

  • Firstly, better protection of the inks from dirt, smudges, fingerprints, scratching, etc.
  • Secondly, some coating can make the printing surface of the box scuff-resistant.
  • Thirdly, make the box look fantastic and eye-appealing by adding a glossy or matte finish.
  • collapsible rigid box with spot uv pattern
    Spot UV Pattern on Collapsible Rigid Paper Box

    This is a spot UV varnished collapsible rigid box. The box has the matte black laminating. On the surface of the laminating is the spot UV varnish triangle pattern, very pretty.

     foldable collapsible rigid box with spot uv pattern
    Collapsible Rigid Paper Box

    This is inner side of the collapsible rigid box. It is flat shipped during the transportation. Also the box has 2 magnets for the box seal and closure.

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