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  • Tuck Top Auto Bottom(TTAB) Box

    CHINA BBP CO., LTD supplies custom paper printed box and corrugated printed box with the the tuck top auto bottom style, which is referred to as TTAB box style. Meanwhile we supply our clients the free box dieline template.

    The tuck top auto bottom box style is referred to as TTAB, which is widely used for the paper printed boxes and corrugated printed boxes.

    The Tuck Top Auto Bottom Paper Box is one of the most popular packaging box style due to its strong auto-locked bottom. It can be made of a single layer paperboard, like white lined chipboard, SBS paperboard, kraft board for the modest weight take-out food packaging box. It can also be made of the corrugated board for the heavy duty packaging boxes, cartons. For the TTAB box, the bottom is pre-glued for the easy and fast assembling on the production line. And it can also be shipped flat during the transportation to reduce the total packaging box volume.

    TTAB box style paper box, golden color paper box
    TTAB Style Paper Printed Box
    tuck top auto bottom box dieline template
    Dieline Template

    Compared with the Tuck Top Snap Bottom Box

    • pre-glued auto-locked bottom for the easier and quicker assembling on the production line.
    • stronger bottom for the modest weight and heavy weight products packaging
    • like the tuck top snap bottom box, can be shipped flat to save the warehouse and transportation cost
    • cost more than the snap bottom box due to the pre-glued bottom
    TTAB corrugated printed box
    Corrugated Printed Box
    auto bottom corrugated printed box
    Auto Bottom Corrugated Printed Box

    Free Dieline Template Creating for the TTAB Box

    When you orders the tuck top auto bottom paper boxes, corrugated printed boxes, cartons from us, our design department will create the dieline and supply it to you free of charge. Then you can put your print design on the template. All you need to do is tell us the length, width and height that you need for the box. If you don't know how to measure a box, just refer to the pictures below

    artwork dieline for the TTAB box with the hanger tab
    Artwork Design and Template for Auto Bottom Paper Box

    When to use the Tuck Top Auto Bottom box style

    The TTAB box is your ideal choice when you need a strong bottom for your packaging and don't mind paying 1 or 2 cents for the pre-glued bottom. For clients who want to reduce the box assembling time, the TTAB paper box is also recommended because of the auto-locked bottom. The tuck top auto bottom box style is widely used in the food packaging box, retail sporting goods packaging and more.

    tuck top auto bottom paper box length, width, height measurement
    How to Determine the Size of the TTAB Paper Box

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