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  • Custom Paper Box Design

    In CHINA BBP CO., LTD, we have a group of talented packaging designers, who have a very deep understanding of the dynamics between the printing and the packaging. They know how to use create the most fancy safe colors to express the business philosophy of the client. Also they are excellent packaging structure designers. They can create and adopt the most special and creative box structures for your products, which are functional, economical and full of the beauty of design. Our packaging design service covers paper printed boxes, corrugated printed boxes, rigid paper boxes, gift paper boxes and paper printed bags.

    The paper box and bag designing can be divided into 2 separate processes.

    Firstly, we focus on the structure design and the dieline template creating. Our designers create the box structure layout based on your detailed requirement. And this is the primary design service we are providing now. We no longer supply the print design service any more.

  • Secondly, we send you the dieline template and you have a local designer create the final artwork for the printing. If you just have a simple print design on the custom paper box, our designers can help you with that.
  • The details of the structure design and the print design will be based our expertise advice and your detailed requirements. Our designers just display your ideas on the artwork.

    Information Required for Paper Box Design

    In order to create a perfect dieline template for you, we need you give us the correct dimension details of the paper box. The size is usually specified in the order of length x width x height. When you have a strict requirement for the size details, you are encouraged to give us the inner size of the custom paper box. For the corrugated printed box, if you can specify the flute type or the paperboard thickness, the outer size would be fine.

    Meantime, we would like to know the gross weight of the custom paper box when you put the product inside. This can help us decide the strength requirement of the custom paper box, which is very important to the structural design.

    • 1. the name, size, weight, number, pictures of the product that will be packed in the box. The sample product is preferred.
    • 2. the box style you would like have for the box. Pictures and similar samples are prefered.
    • 3. the paper material, the thickness, the strength
    • 4. texts you would like to print on the box, and what's the marketing point?
    • 5. for the color printing, what kinds of feeling would you like the box to say to your potential customers?
    • 6. other details that matters.

    Paper Box Styles

    There are some popular box styles which has been widely accepted for your reference. For the corrugated printed boxes, please refer to our corrugated carton box style guide. For the paper folding box, the most common styles include the tuck top, tuck bottom, auto locked bottom, snap locked bottom. While for the rigid paper box, the popular styles are the lift-off lid rigid box, book style rigid box, slide rigid paper box, shoulder rigid box, hinged lid rigid box.

    Printing Options

    The litho offset printing and flexographic printing are available. If you need a high graphic paper box, choose the litho printing. If you need a cost-effective printed box, choose the simple flexo printing. If you want a strong corrugated printed carton, choose the litho laminating method.

    Finish Options

    For the printed paper box finish, varnishing, laminating, UV, spot UV, embossing, debossing and foil stamping are available. The laminating and varnishing can be glossy or matte.

    Paper Box Inserts

    You may need an inserts such as molded paper pulp, foam, blister, thermoformed plastic tray, PET sleeves to protect and secure the products inside. We do not produce such packaging materials by ourselves, but we can introduce you some famous manufacturers in the industry in China.

    Paper Material Options

    The choice for the paper box is very flexible. The packaging materials used for the paper box include the SBS paperboard(ivory board), art coated paper, corrugated fiberboard, kraft paperboard, metallic paper, metalized paperboard and specialty paper. Sometimes, textiles such as suede, linen, feather, even fur are used as the wraps of the rigid setup box.

    The kraft paper box and metalized paperboard box(a kind of luxury paper box which is made of the metalized paperboard. The box can have a metallic finish and look. are our featured packaging products.

    custom paper box design
    Custom Paper Box Design

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