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  • Kraft Paper Box

    As A Good China paper box supplier, CHINA BBP CO., LTD supplies the custom printed kraft paper boxes, kraft paper trays, kraft paper carriers and kraft paper bags.

    The kraft paper box is widely used for the packaging of food products, electronic products and retail products. If you run a food business, the kraft food packaging box will be a great idea. Below is a kraft food take out paper box with the great design.

    food take-out box, take-away box, kraft paper box
    Kraft Paper Box for Food

    The kraft paper box is custom printed paper box, which has the nature friendly look due to its inherent kraft color inside and outside. And it is strong and durable. And to a certain degreen, it is water-proof. Therefore, it is widely used for the retail products packaging, soap paper boxes, and food packaging. CHINA BBP CO., LTD supplies the custom printed kraft paper boxes, kraft trays, beer bottle carriers and kraft paper bags.

    The kraft paper box is a custom paper box made of the kraft paperboard. The kraft paperboard is widely used to make the corrugated board. It has the similar look as the corrugated printed boxes, but the custom corrugated box is thicker and stronger. The kraft paper is rarely used to make the gift paper boxes.

    Kraft Packaging Design

    CHINA BBP CO., LTD provides the custom kraft packaging design service to the global businesses in various industry. Below is a kraft paper box of the straight tuck end box style. With us, you can have a durable kraft paper box with the custom size, thickness, style and printing.

    kraft packaging design, kraft paper box
    Kraft Paper Box for CD, Softwares

    The kraft paper boxes, trays and bags are strong and durable thanks to the very high durability and strength of the kraft paperboard used. The natural brown color makes people think of health and the green nature. And it is 100% recyclable. It is a wonderful alternative to the paper printed box made of the SBS paperboard. The kraft paperboard has become the designer's favorite material when their client wants a green packaging design.

    The thickness of kraft board varies from 0.1mm to 0.6mm. The grammage can be 128-450gsm. The kraft paper box has the great durability for the easy folding and assembling.

    Printing Options

    Flexographic printing, silk screen Printing, litho offset printing are widely used on the the kraft paper boxes. The flexo printing gives the kraft box a nature friendly look, while the litho printed kraft box looks more beautiful thanks to the vivid the color on the sharp image. And the silk screen printing produces a striking print on the custom paper box due to the thick layer of inks left on the paperboard.

    Custom Printed Kraft Paper Box

    We supply the kraft paper printed box with the custom size, thickness, printing and style based on your samples, artwork and specification. The products include the kraft mailer, pillow box, retail packaging box, hanger box, kraft display box and kraft pillow box. Besides, the kraft beer bottle carrier is one of our most best-selling products. The kraft tray are widely used to hold the stawberry.

    Color Printed Kraft Paper Box

    Below is a kraft paper box for the shoe packaging. The kraft box is litho printed inside and out. Vecto: CMYK offset printing; Verso: PMS Pantone offset printing. 400gsm kraft board. The box style can also be used for toys and some other retail products.

    color printed kraft paper box
    Kraft Paper Box for Shoes

    Kraft Mailer Box

    The kraft mailer box is different from the corrugated mailer box. It is thinner. The custom paper box below is a single black color printed kraft mailing box. The kraft paper mailer below has only one color printed outside for the forest animals, which looks very pretty and healthy.

    flexo printed kraft mailer box, kraft paper box
    Kraft Paper Box With Black Color Printing

    STE Kraft Paper Box for Soap

    The excellent property of the kraft paper box make it a perfect choice for the soap packaging. The soap paper box below has the STE box style, which have the straight tuck ends on both sides. Full color litho printed. 350gsm kraft paperboard.

    kraft paper box, straight tuck end paper box
    Kraft Paper Box for Soap

    Kraft Paper Box With Hanger

    The kraft paper box is an excellent choice for the retail products packaging. The Used for the ear phone packaging. It has the hanging tab for the display purpose in the store.

    kraft paper box with hanger
    Kraft Paper Box With Hanger Tab

    Kraft Display Box

    The kraft display box below is used as a counter display box, which is full color printed.

    kraft display box, kraft paper box
    Kraft Paper Box With Tab

    Kraft Carrier for Beer Bottle

    The six pack beer bottle carrier made of the kraft paperboard has the extremely good strength for the holding of the beer bottles. Besides the natural brown kraft paper, it can also be bleached to the completely white color for the fine printing. In DE Printed Box, we also provide the the micro flutes beer bottle carriers made of the F flute corrugated board.

    kraft beer bottle carrier, 6 pack beer bottle carrier
    Kraft Paper Carrier

    Kraft Paper Tray for Strawberry

    This is a kraft tray for strawberry holding. Another benefit of the kraft paper is that it is food direct contact, very safe.

    kraft paper tray, kraft paper box
    Kraft Paper Tray

    Check more of our kraft paper boxes and paper bags. If you would like us to produce the custom kraft paper boxes for you, your sample box will be very helpful for us to learn about the printing details and board thickness.

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