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  • UV Printing and Coating

    CHINA BBP CO., LTD supplies the custom UV printed or coated paper box, cosmetic box, custom paper bag, corrugated printed box and rigid paper box.

    Compared with the traditional litho offset printing, the UV printing is expensive but has the better vivid and crisp color printing. Also, it can produce the very good quality printing on the specialty papers. For example, the white color printing on the black specialty paper is usually quite difficult for the traditional litho offset printing, because the white inks is too thin to cover the black color inside. While for the UV printing, it can produce the perfect white color printing on the black special paper boxes. Refer to the paper of black paper boxes to learn more.

    UV printing custom paper box, corrugated printed box

    UV Printing for the Corrugated Printed Box

    UV Printing and Inks

    UV printing is environmental friendly while producing the crisp image on the printed paper boxes and gift paper boxes. Below are the benefits of the UV printing and inks.

    • Faster turnaround time: UV inks dry instantly on the press when exposed to the UV light.
    • Zero VOC release: unlike the conventional inks containing the chemical solvents, the UV inks release no volatile organic compounds, which is abbreviated to VOC.
    • Extra protection of the printing because of the better resistance to smudge and abrasion.
    • Crisp look to the printed text and graphics on the paper box and bag.

    UV Coating

    UV coating is a special varnishing due to the UV varnishes it used, which is a clear substance that reacts the way UV inks do when exposed to UV light. The UV varnishes dry within a second when exposed to the UV light. It reduces the turnaround time and adds an extra layer of protection from abrasion without adding thickness or reducing flexibility.

    Also called UV varnishing, UV coating is a process for achieving a thicker and even more striking type of coating on the printed box surface. The printed color appears noticeably richer and vibrant. It also adds the benefit of the fast drying of print on the production line due to the ultra-violet drying process.

    The UV coating divided into 2 types, all-over UV coating and spot UV coating

    UV printing black paper box

    UV Printing for the Black Paper Box

    All-over UV Coating

    With the all-over UV coating, the UV varnishes are applied all over the printing surface. The high gloss level can rival and replace the glossy laminating. In the meantime, it provides the excellent protective qualities and a pleasant tactile experience to the printing surface.

    Spot UV Coating

    With the spot UV varnishing, the UV varnishes are only applied to the specific area of the printing surface to highlight specific texts or images, particularly the logo. The Spot UV varnishing on the brand logo is widely used for the luxury paper bags, paper boxes, rigid boxes, gift boxes, cosmetic packaging boxes, jewelry boxes, and some retail packaging boxes.

    spot uv paper printed box

    Cardboard Box With The Logo Spot UV Varnished

    This is a small black cardboard packaging box for watch. It has the matte surface with the puma logo Spot UV Varnish

    litho laminated box with the spot uv.

    Litho Laminated Box With The Spot UV

    The box above is a litho laminated packaging carton for the electronic products. On the surface of the printing, the monitor is Spot UV Varnished to add a striking beauty to the printing.

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