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  • Cosmetic Packaging Solution

    As a leading China paper box supplier, we provide the cosmetic packaging solution to the various health and beauty products, and personal care products. The cosmetic package includes the various jars, bottles, bags, custom paper boxes. While for us, we focus on the rigid paper boxes, gift paper boxes and paper printed boxes.

    Cosmetic Paper Boxes

    CHINA BBP CO., LTD supplies the various custom cosmetic paper boxes, jewelry paper boxes with the finish like soft touch, embossing, debossing, foil stamping and spot UV.

    Face Cleanser Paper Box
    Cosmetic paper box for the face cleanser packaging, fold foil stamped logo.

    Cosmetic paper box for the face cleanser. The logo of the paper printed box has the gold foil stamping finish.

    Eyeliner Cosmetic Paper Box
    cosmetic paper box for eyeliner, straight tuck end box style.

    Cosmetic paper box for eyeliner, straight tuck end box style, matte color printed.

    Black Cosmetic Box
    Black cosmetic paper box for the lipstick packaging.

    Black cosmetic paper box for lipstick, soft touch finish outside.

    Lip Balm Paper Box
    cosmetic paper box for lip balm with the paperboard inserts.

    Paper printed box for the lip balm with the paperboard inserts.

    PET-metallic Paper Box
    Cosmetic paper box, metallic paper printed box.

    Cosmetic paper box with the metallic gold color.

    The custom soft touch cosmetic paper box is one of our most featured products. Straight tuck end box style(STE) is the most popular cosmetic box style. It is widely used for the lipstick box, eye gel box and perfume box.

    Lift-off Lid Cosmetic Paper Box for Eye Shadow
    cosmetic paper box for eye shadow with the detachable lid like a chocolate box

    The eye shadow paper box is like a chocolate paper box with lift-off lid with the partitions inside. This lift off lid rigid box has the soft touch matte black outside and inside, which is very pretty.

    Matte White Skincare Cream Box
    matte white cosmetic paper box

    The white skin care cream box has the silver metallic logo. Soft touch matte printed box.

    Rigid Cosmetic Paper Box
    rigid cosmetic paper box

    Slide rigid box for the skincare set. Inside the box is the clear thermoformed plastic tray.

    STE Cosmetic Paper Box
    STE paper cosmetic paper box

    A printed paper box for cosmetic packaging, STE style, pearlized specialty paper.

    Silver Foil Paper Printed Box
    cosmetic paper box with the silver logo

    Cosmetic paper box with the glossy silver color hot foil stamping. STE style paper box.

    Custom Cosmetic Paper Box
    custom cosmetic paper box

    Paper printed box with the soft touch finish, gold foil stamping for the logo, STE box style.

    Paper Palette
    cosmetic paper box, paper palette, cardboard palette magnetic closure

    Paper Palette with the Magnetic Closure

    The cosmetic paper boxes can be divided into 2 categories, the paper printed box and the rigid paper box, according to the paper materials. The paper printed box is usually a folding paper box which is flat packed and shipped. And the paper printed box is assembled on the production line to put the item inside. While the rigid paper box is in the assembled state during the packing and delivery process. And the inserts are different for both boxes. The paper printed box usually has the white color or black color custom E flute, F flute corrugated board inserts, while the gift paper box has the EVA foam insert inside. The plastic thermoformed tray is used for both.

    Black and White Corrugated Board Insert

    Besides the custom cosmetic paper box, we also supply the corrugated board inserts inside, which are used for the protection and cushion purpose. Black color, white color and some other colors are available. They are widely used inside the custom cosmetic box to protect the direct package of the serum, lipstick , mascara, eye shadow, foundation, blush, highlighter, bronzer.

    For the bottled cosmetic products which is easy to break during the transportation, it is important to use the micro flutes corrugated board to wrap around the bottle inside the cosmetic paper box. In DE Printed Box, you can choose the white, black and other color corrugated board as the insert. 2 flute type are available, E flute and F flute. The E flute is 2mm in thickness and F flute 1mm in thickness.

    Black Insert and White Insert
    white corrugated paperboard insert, black corrugated board insert for cosmetic paper box

    The cosmetic box has the gold foil and embossing finish with the white corrugated insert inside. It is a reverse tuck end paper box.

    Cosmetic Paper Box With White Insert
    white corrugated insert inside the perfume paper box, cosmetic paper box

    The corrugated paperboard insert can be white color. Also, it can be black color inside the cosmetic paper box.

    The cosmetic paper box below is a perfume packaging box, which has the complicated gold foil and embossing finish. The white corrugated insert slides inside the perfume box to protect the perfume bottle inside.

    Printing and Finish

    With our over 10 years' experience in the paper packaging industry, we quite take pride in our capabilities in the custom cosmetic paper box design and manufacture, which are unrivaled in the industry. Each year, we supplies tens of thousands of high quality custom paper boxes to the global cosmetic and beauty industry.

    Fine textured paper, patterned paper, specialty paper, glossy, matte laminating, soft touch, varnishing, spot UV, embossing, gold printing, silver printing, debossing, gold, silver, various color foil stamping are available.

    For the cosmetic paper boxes, the soft touch finish are widely used to enhance the overall look and feel of the package by using the soft touch paper and soft touch laminating.

    In order to add the luxury feel to the cosmetic box, the aluminium foil paperboard, pet-metalized paperboard are used to make the box, which add a gold or silver metallic finish to the surface of the box. Besides, our clients can also choose the fantastic creative papers from the Antalis Arjowiggins to make their cosmetic boxes.

    Eye Gel Box With Spot UV
    spot uv cosmetic paper box

    A custom eye gel packaging box with the spot UV varnishing.

    The cosmetic paper box above is a custom printed paper box made of the specialty paperboard. The box has the elegant straight tuck end paper box style.

    Cosmetic Paper Box We Made For Our Clients

    Since we are a custom paper box supplier, you can have a cosmetic paper box of the custom design, printing, finish with your own brand. With the free dieline template we offer, you can have a local print and package designer to create the artwork design. We offer a variety of options for the paper materials, printing, finish, inserts as well as the structure and size. Below are some custom cosmetic paper boxes that we made for our clients. Just click to check our blog page to learn more about the details.

    CHINA BBP CO., LTD manufactures and supplies the various custom cosmetic paper boxes, jewelry paper boxes and beauty products packaging boxes, makeup paper boxes, like the paper palette, skincare paper box, sunscreen paper box, eye liner paper box, eye gel paper box, lipstick paper box, facial cleanser paper box, nail polish paper box, cream package box, lotion box, facial mask paper box and so on. The E flute corrugated box is widely used for the mailing and postage purpose.

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