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  • Reverse Tuck End Paper Printed Box

    What is Reverse Tuck End Paper Box

    Reverse Tuck End Paper box has the tuck flaps on both the top and bottom opening like the Straight Tuck End Paper Box. And either the left panel or right panel is glued inside to build the box. The difference is that the top tuck flap is on the front panel while the bottom tuck flpa is on the rear panel.

    reverse tuck end box style
    Reverse Tuck End Paper Box
    how to measure the length width height of the reverse tuck end box
    Dimension for RTE Paper Box

    How to measure the length, width and height of the reverse tuck end box?

    For the reverse tuck end box, the length and width are measured on the box opening direction as shown in the pictures above.

    Pros and Cons to the Reverse Tuck End Paper Box

    • The RTE box wastes less paperboard during the die-cutting than the STE box and therefore is more cost effective.
    • Like STE box, it costs little effort to assemble quickly.
    • With a friction lock closure flap on top and a slit lock tuck closure flap on bottom, as shown in the picture, the paper box is easy to open and close, while remaining impossible to open inadvertently at its base.
    • Not suitable for the packaging of the heavy products
    • The bottom raw edge will show on the face of the product, making it less aesthetically pleasing than the Straight Tuck End Box.
    reverse tuck end rte perfume paper box print design
    Perfume Paper Box
    reverse tuck end lip stick paper box
    Lipstick Paper Box

    When to use the RTE box style

    The Reverse Tuck End box style is very suitable for the light weight products, like tea, lip sticks, perfume, chocolate etc. The most common reverse tuck end boxes include cosmetic paper boxes, health and beauty products packaging boxes, pharmaceutical paper boxes, software paper boxes, etc.

    chocolate paper box with the reverse tuck end box style
    Chocolate Paper Box

    Free Reverse tuck end box style template and dieline Creating

    For the clients who buys the reverse tuck end paper boxes from us, our design department will create the perfect box template dieline and supply it to our clients free of charge. Then our client can put his/her print design on the artwork. If you need a free box dieline, template, please email at, specifying the accurate length, width, height of the box.

    free box dieline template creating for reverse tuck end box style
    Dieline Template Creating for RTE Paper Box