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  • Custom Paper Box Inserts

    CHINA BBP CO., LTD supplies the various inserts for the custom printed paper boxes, corrugated printed boxes, and gift paper boxes which include the paperboard inserts, micro flute corrugated board inserts, EVA foam inserts, molded paper pulp inserts, plastic blister inserts, thermo-formed tray inserts as well as the EVE sheet inserts. The corrugated board inserts, dividers, partitions are widely used for the electronic products packaging, wine bottle packaging. The micro flute paperboard is widely used for the bottled cosmetic products packaging. And the EVA foam insert is widely used for the gift paper boxes, rigid paper boxes.

    EVA Foam Insert

    The EVA foam inserts are widely used inside the custom rigid paper box, cardboard gift box. White, grey and black are the most commonly used colors. A custom cut-out, which can be any shape, on the foam are created to put the item inside. And a piece of color printed paperboard or flocked fabric are covered and glued on the top surface to hide the foam inside.

    EVA foam insert inside the custom rigid box
    EVA Foam Insert for Rigid Paper Box

    This is a bottom part of a lift off lid rigid box for the watch packaging. It has the EVA foam insert inside, which consists of 2 layers. On the top is a piece of white color EVA foam and a very thin piece of black EVA foam on the bottom. Have more pictures and details of the watch packaging box.

    Blister or Thermo-formed Tray Insert

    The blister insert, which is also referred to the thermo-formed tray are widely used for the cosmetic paper boxes and the custom rigid boxes. It is mainly used to fix the item inside for better protection. The blisters can be white, black and transparent. The thickness can vary from 0.2-0.7mm.

    blister insert or thermoformed tray inside the rigid box and cosmetic box
    Thermoformed Tray for Rigid Paper Box

    The custom rigid paper box above has the black color PPS thermoformed tray inside to hold the items. The blister is quite thick, 0.77mm in thickness. The hinged lid rigid box is used to pack a medical care device. The alternative plastic materials are PVC and PET. The PET blister is more environmental friendly.

    Micro Flute Corrugated Board Insert

    The micro flute corrugated board is widely used inside the custom cosmetic boxes. 2 colors are mostly used, white and black. The thickness comes in 1mm F flute and 2mm E flute. They are mainly used to protect the bottled cosmetic products inside.

    micro flute corrugated board inside the cosmetic box
    White Color Corrugated Board Inserts Inside Perfume Box

    This is bottled perfume packaging box with the white micro flute corrugated board insert inside. The micro flute corrugated board is 2mm in thickness to protect the perfume bottle inside. The black micro corrugated insert is mostly used too for the custom cosmetic box.

    Besides the common inserts above, we also supply the dividers, partitions, molded paper pulp insert, paperboard insert, EPE foam insert to our clients.

    Paper Pulp Cushion Inside the Box
    EPE Foam Inserts
    Black Foam Cushion Inside the Box

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