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  • Wine and Beer Packaging Solution

    As a leading China paper box supplier, CHINA BBP CO., LTD provides the wine, beer, beverage packaging solutions for various products, such as the soft drinks, bottled water, coffee, tea, beer, juice, spirits, cider, whisky, champagne, cocktail, liqueur, vodka and wine.

    Our featured products include the 4 pack, 6 pack beer bottle carriers, wine bottle carriers, holders, wine shipping cartons, boxes, dividers, partitions and the luxury rigid wine boxes. The custom paper package are usually corrugated printed boxes and corrugated shipping cartons, rigid paper boxes, gift paper boxes which are used for the protection during the transportation.

    Rigid Paper Box for Wine Packaging

    Wine Packaging Tube
    paper wine tube, wine gift box

    Cardboard tube for the wine packaging. Custom wine tube, like a cylinder.

    Slide Wine Rigid Box
    slide rigid box for the wine packaging, wine gift box

    Sliding rigid wine packaging box. Logo and text is gold foil stamped.

    The green wine packaging tube on the left has the round shape, like a cylinder. The slim body makes it very eye-appealing. While on the right is a sliding rigid paper box for the wine packaging. It is made of the textured specialty paper with the logo gold foil stamped.

    Wine Packaging Box
    custom wine packaging box, wine gift paper box

    Rigid paper box for the wine packaging design.

    Foldable Rigid Box for Wine
    collapsible rigid box for the wine packaging, wine gift paper box

    The collapsible wine rigid box is foldable for the flat shipping and storage.

    Rigid paper box is widely used in the wine packaging design due to its gorgeous look and rigidity. The deep brown wine paper box on the top left is a lift off lid rigid box. On the right is a collapsible rigid paper box, which can be flat shipped and packed.

    Corrugated Wine Packaging Box

    The corrugated printed boxes are widely used for shipment of the wine and beer bottles. The corrugated shipping cartons usually have the corrugated inserts inside as dividers or partitions to separate and to protect the bottles. The B flute, C flute, BE flute, BC flute corrugated printed boxes are usually used. Flexo printing and litho printing are both used for the wine carton boxes.

    Wine Carton With Dividers
    wine shipping carton box with dividers, corrugated printed box

    BE, BC flute double wall corrugated wine carton boxes with the inserted cardboard dividers, partitions.

    Wine Shipping Carton
    corrugated partitions, dividers for wine carton box, corrugated printed box

    Corrugated partitions, corrugated dividers for the wine carton. B flute corrugated board.

    One Pack Wine Bottle Box
    one pack corrugated wine box, corrugated wine carton, box

    Roll end tuck top box for the one pack wine packaging. One pack wine bottle carrying box.

    Wine Bottle Holder
    corrugated wine bottle holder, box, carton, corrugated printed box

    wine bottle holder made of the corrugated board. Litho offset printed.

    Wine Shipping Carton
    corrugated wine shipping carton, box, holder, corrugated printed box

    Roll end tuck top style corrugated wine shipping carton.

    Wine Shipping Carton
    4 pack wine bottle carrier, box

    Four pack wine bottle carrier.

    Wine Shipping Carton
    wine shipping carton box, corrugated printed box

    BE flute double wall wine shipping carton box. Durable wine carton.

    Wine Shipping Carton
    six pack wine, beer bottle carrier

    Six pack wine bottle carrier made of the F flute corrugated board.

    Four|Six Pack Beer Bottle Carrier

    The 4 pack, 6 pack beer bottle carrier are our most featured products. They are particularly designed for the 330ml beer bottles. The beer bottle carriers are durable and strong. We have a special page exclusively introducing our product details. Check our 6 pack beer bottle carrier page to learn more.

    4 pack, 6 pack beer bottle carrier

    4 Pack, 6 Pack Beer Bottle Carrier

    4 pack beer bottle carrier, beer carrier design

    4 Pack Beer Bottle Carrier

    four pack, six pack beer bottle carrier

    4, 6 Pack Beer Bottle Carrier

    In CHINA BBP CO., LTD, we produce the beer carriers with the F flute corrugated board. The paperboard is white outside which can be CMYK full color printed. And it has the kraft color inside. The advantage is the safety and good protection it can provide to to the beer bottles. Our beer carriers usually features the fingers on the top for the easy take out. Also, we can supply the beer bottle carriers made with the kraft paperboard. It is thinner but strong as well.

    Our wine packaging products are mainly divided into two categories. One is the custom cardboard rigid boxes, the other one is the corrugated printed boxes, cartons. For the rigid wine boxes or wine gift boxes, you can have the custom design that you like. Embossing, debossing, Spot UV, foil stamping are available. For the wine cartons, we have the single wall and double wall corrugated board series for you to choose. Offset printing and flexographic printing are both available.

    For the wine, liquor and spirits products, rigid paper boxes are widely used with the ingenious designs. The beers and wines are usually packed into the bottles and cans. And the beer bottles or cans, wine bottles need a rigid paper box, or custom paper box for protection and marketing. The custom paper boxes are usually used as a gift packaging box for the marketing purpose.

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