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  • Bag Box With Auto Locked Bottom

    The Bag box with auto locked bottom are widely used for the food packaging box, retail packaging box and the cosmetic packaging box. CHINA BBP CO., LTD supplies the various custom bag style paper boxes with the auto locked bottom. It means that you can have a paper box with the custom size, printing, finish and paper material.

    Difference between the paper bag and the bag box

    Like the common paper bag, the bag box is flat shipped. But there are many differences between them.

  • Paper grammage: 157gsm art paper is usually used for the paper bag. The grammage is usually no more than 250gsm. While for the bag style box, the grammage is usually 350gsm or above.
  • Paper Material: art paper and kraft paper are mainly used for the paper bag. While for the bag box, the white lined chipboard, SBS C1S paperboard are used.
  • Strength and Durability: the bag box is stronger than the paper bag because of the thick paperboard used.
  • Bottom Structure: the bag box uses the auto locked bottom, which is stronger.
  • Closure: the bag box usually has the closure on the top by the double sided sticker.
  • Advantage of the bag box with auto bottom

    There are many advantages for the bag style box with the auto bottom.

  • Function like a paper bag.
  • Flat shipping and storage to reduce freight and warehouse cost.
  • High strength and durability.
  • Cost-effective compared with the TTALB paper box, because less papers are used.
  • Easy and fast assembling and seal.
  • bag box with the auto locked bottom

    This is a cat food packaging box which has the bag box style and auto locked bottom. The bag box is made of the 350gsm duplex board with grey back(white lined chipboard). It is CMYK full color printed with the glossy varnishing. If you like, you can also add the spot UV varnishing to the box surface.

    flat shipped bag style box

    The bag box can be folded flat for the shipping. It can also be assembled within minutes easily on the production line. On the top, the bag box is sealed and closed by the double sided sticker.

    template for the bag box with auto locked bottom

    This is the cat food box artwork with the dieline template. At DE Printed Box, we supply our clients the free dieline template for them to create their artwork.

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