Rigid Paper Box With Foam Insert and Magnet Closure

In this article, we will talking about a custom rigid paper box with the foam insert and the magnet closure. We made this custom paper box for a poland client, who want a package for a medical device- spirometer.

custom rigid paper box with foam insert and magnet closure
Magnet closure is on the front panel of the rigid box. EVA foam insert with the custom cutout inside the paper box to secure the spirometer inside.

Foam Insert

An important feature of this custom rigid box is the thick foam insert inside. For the foam cutout, it is quite easy when the foam insert is less than 10mm in thickness. But problem of distortion appears when the depth of the foam cutout goes deeper than 2cm, which causes the loss of the aesthetic beauty of the gift box. Therefore, the high-tech cutting skills are involed in the process to avoid such a problem.

rigid paper box with foam insert
The rigid paper box has the custom cutout on the foam insert inside.

Glossy Spot UV

Another prominent aspect of this gift paper box is the noticeably glossy spot UV varnish for the spirometer on the top of the paper box. It makes the box very eye-appealing to impress the potential customers of the company.

custom rigid paper box
Glossy Spot UV varnish for the spirometer on the top of the custom rigid paper box.

Magnet Closure

The box style is a typical book style rigid paper box with the magnet closure on the front panel, which makes the box easy to open and to close. The magnet consists of a positive metal plate and a negative metal plate on the separate front panels of the box, which is 10mm in diameter.

rigid paper box with magnet closure
Magnet on the front panel for the easy closure of the rigid paper box

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