When Embossing Comes Across Foil Stamping


With the embossing finish, letters and images of the logo raise in relief from the paperboard. Thus, the logo stands out.

Foil Stamping

While during the foil stamping process, the brilliant color on the foil paper is partly transferred to paperboard under the pressure of the engraved die, impressing a glittering logo on the paper printed box.

When Embossing and Foil Stamping Go Together

Hence, when embossing comes across foil stamping, a printed paper box starts to be under a glamour, being attractive, alluring and extravagant.

Recently we made such a custom paper box for a client from UK, which gives us an opportunity to tell our customers more details by pictures. It is a tea packaging paper box for UE COFFEE ROASTERS.

On the lid, the brand JEEVES & JERICHO has the black foil stamping first, then is embossed to have the slight 3D effect. Near the bottom of the 4 sides, the stars have only the black foil stamping.

paper printed box with foil stamping and embossing
When embossing comes across foil stamping…

Band Around The Body

You may notice the large white areas on the 4 sides of the body. And you think it looks ugly. Yes, it is. But it is just where the smart design is. Actually, the client has many tea flavors. It would be quite complicated to create a box design for each flavor.

We solve this problem by put a printed paper sleeve or band of each flavor around the custom paper box.